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Nuneaton Bowl (Disco Bowl) has today (8 January) informed us that, with immediate effect, they will no longer be holding any tournaments. They will not honour any of the tournaments which are booked which includes the remaining rounds of the Bowlers Club. The only option we currently have is to use Nottingham.

Regardless of how we all feel about their decision (or mine) we have to deal with this issue. This is an extremely successful tournament which, I hope, none of us wants to see 'fail' because of obstacles put in place by others.

I really hope no-one does, but if you wish to pull out of the Bowlers Club because of this please let me know. If you want to discuss any of the above please contact me either pm me via facebook, email brigillparker@aol.com or ring me on 07796778321.

I apologise for the change of venue but I had no choice.

I thank you all for your support on this matter and respect the decision of anyone who feels they do not wish to continue.

Cheers Brian
EventDatesEntry FormsSquaddingResultsLast Updated
Bowlers Club Rnd 103/11/1902/01/2020
North of England Open25/01/20 to 02/02/2003/02/2020
Bowlers Club Rnd216/02/2010/02/2020
Northern Junior Challenge08/03/2014/02/2020
British Youth Team Open21/03/20 to 22/03/2012/02/2020
Torquay Doubles28/03/20 to 05/04/2010/02/2020
Bowlers Club Rnd 326/04/2031/01/2020
Bowlers Club Final28/06/2002/01/2020

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!